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What is

Biokinetics main function is to advance physical functioning and health care through exercise as a modality.

Biokinetics is the profession dealing with the maintenance of physical abilities (orthopaedics and chronic diseases), final phase rehabilitations and health promotion, by means of scientifically based physical activity program prescription.
A Biokineticist is a clinical exercise specialist who is recognized and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) that provides the following services:
  • Improve physical well-being and quality of life
  • Enhancement of performance in sport and work
  • Preventative exercise for sports, occupational activities and activities of daily life
  • Physical evaluations and measurements such as posture, body composition, blood pressure, fitness and physical performance batteries, flexibility, medical aid health screenings and general health screenings
  • Promotes health and wellness within the community

Marco Becker Biokineticist is a cash practice that is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare funders of South Africa (BHF).

Depending on the medical aid scheme, these registrations allow Biokinetic sessions to be medical aid claimable. The registration details are as follows:
BK0024058 | PR0587052
During general treatments there is great emphasis in restoring mobility and posture as to acquire proper positions when performing functional or natural movements. Each session may include auxiliary services (massage, kinematic taping), depending on the requirements of the Biokinetic intervention.
At Marco Becker Biokineticist the initial focus is on identifying any restrictions to natural physical function, then to resolve the limitation and habituate natural movement patterns. The ultimate aim is to foster self-awareness and independence in terms of client well-being.

Functional Kinesiological Taping (Kinematic Taping ®)

Kinematic Taping ® is defined by a clinically reasoned application of high quality elastic, self-adhesive tape material which is supported by evidence of accomplishing the following:

  • Pain reduction
  • Swelling reduction
  • Improvement of mobility
  • Improved muscle recruitment
  • Stimulates healing, lymphatic drainage and circulation
  • Improved movement awareness
Kinematic Taping ® achieves this whilst allowing free joint range of motion and by promoting your bodies natural healing response.

Health Assessments

Discovery Vitality Fitness Assessment

Vitality members and Discovery Life policyholders can do two assessments per year, at least five months apart, and earn Vitality points. Marco Becker Biokineticist is registered on the Vitality Wellness Network and is available for bookings.